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MyLand Earth Metaverse
Hunt 2 Earn Game Guide
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Be a world-traveler and join us to play this most inspiring treasure hunt game of 2023 in the World's First 3D Earth Metaverse on Web3 Blockchain! It's a free online game now and only needs an email account to play!

While your avatar is walking through this digital Earth still in its infancy, whether you're a hunter in the game, an aspiring digital artist with a vision, an investor or a business owner checking out your own business location on MyLand Digital Earth: You will see the tremendous opportunity here on MyLand Earth that everyone's talent and resources will be put to work to create and reshape this new born planet to a pristine Earth in next few years, a futuristic verse and the virtual reality that you're already in. Through this Earth-creating path, an exponential return is awaiting every participant who has a vision to fulfill.

Now continue with the game,at present, Play-2-Earn is the driving force for the new generation gamers, and it is built in the MyLand Hunt-2-Earn game flow. If you simply know how to Google search for answers, with a little determination and the desire to travel to as many places in the world as your imagination can take you, you will do well with this Earth Metaverse game. It is designed to refresh your high school or college geography, history and science courses while having fun and earning extra income.

MyLand Earth Metaverse

Hunt 2 Earn Game Guide and Cashout Rules

This is a play-to-earn game:

To play, you will need to sign in to your MyLand Account. You may simply sign up an account with your email account if you have not signed up with MyLand.Earth. After you enter MyLand Metaverse, the game will prompt and ask if you want to play the game. You need to select one of the five locations to find an NPC (Non-Player Character) - the Wise Man. Once you find an NPC, he will ask you a question. Upon correctly answering the question, you will receive a key for the treasure box, then the NPC provides you a location address with the possibility of a treasure box in that area. You will be teleported to that location. Then you can start searching for the treasure box.

As you move around the area, there is a distance indicator to show how far you are away from the treasure box.

In the treasure box, there can be any type of treasure. It can be gold bar, or silver bar. Gold bar has higher value. Sometimes the treasure box can be empty.

Hardware Basic Requirements:
Windows 10 or 11, 2-4 Core CPU, 8GB RAM, video card recommended.

To check your current treasure in your account, you can login to your online account on MyLand website at, go to the profile icon on the top right, click on it and select My Treasure. You can convert your treasure to crypto currency.

To convert treasure to crypto token, you can choose how many gold and silver bars to convert. You need to convert your treasure into MMVR token. MMVR token price is currently fixed at $0.0025 per token. Each gold bar is worth 10 MMVR tokens. Each Silver bar is worth 5 MMVR tokens. The MMVR price and the reward exchange rates are subject to change. Please refer to information posted on the MyLand.Earth website.

Before MMVR goes to IDO/IEO, if a player wants to cash out MMVR tokens, MyLand Platform can buy back the MMVR tokens. MyLand Platform will pay in Matic tokens. The minimum requirement each time to convert MMVR into Matic is $10.00. The Matic will be deposited into the user's wallet in the online account. Users can check their Matic balance by clicking on the wallet icon on the top right after login. Player can use the Transfer function to transfer Matic to an external wallet account.

Currently, most of the treasures are randomly distributed among the land locations purchased by MyLand Earth Metaverse landowners. Each time a treasure is found by a player, 10% of the equivalent treasure value will be accounted for the corresponding landowner's account. So by owning the metaverse land on MyLand.Earth, the landowner earns perpetually as a player plays the game

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2023 MyLand Hunt-2-Earn for Treasure Summer Game Contest will start at 00:01 Pacific Time on 08/14/2023 Monday and run for 7 days until 11:59 Pacific Time on 08/20/23 Sunday.

It's free to join the contest for Daily Leaderboard Top 3 Prizes, or for the Grand Contest Leaderboard Top 10 Awards. MyLand H2E Contest token conversion will be recorded on ledgers in Blockchain for transparency and fair-play, delivered by the decentralized storage of MyLand Platform with blockchain technology, which gives more power to players versus the traditional online centralize-managed games. Contest Rules are published through our Twitter & Discord accounts. We will see y'all at MyLand Hunt2Earn Contest & Start Happy-Hunting Now!